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Feline Fiber Treats: Cat treats for special dietary needs:

Low Calorie
Low Sodium
Low Fat
Tartar Control Crunch Texture
High Fiber for Good Health

Feline Lean Treats: Keep your cat healthy: Made with real skinless chicken Taurine, Fortified for heart function and good vision.

With Pill Pockets, there’s no more forcing a pill down your pet’s throat. This patented pill pocket treat allows for easy insertion of pills and supplements. Made with a formula thats healthy and high quality, Pill Pockets are supportive and contain nutritionally beneficial ingredients. Perfect for cats and dogs who shy away from taking pills. These treats will leave you and your pet smiling.

Lean Treats are a healthy treat made of fresh skinless chicken. Lean Treats contain only 7 calories per treat, 0.5% of Sodium, and are very low in fat.

Products for Osteoarthritis and Joint Care

A veterinary prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to control pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis in dogs. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition caused by “wear and tear” of cartilage and other parts of the joints that may result in the following changes or signs in your dog:

Limping or lameness  Decreased activity or exercise (reluctant to stand, climb stairs, jump or run, or difficulty in performing these activities)  Stiffness or decreased movement of joints.

A veterinary prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) designed to treat arthritis. Although effective for most dogs, Rimadyl should not be used in any dog with kidney, liver, or heart disease. Do not give to dogs that are pregnant or nursing. Rimadyl provides safe and effective relief of pain and inflammation due to canine arthritis, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

The only canine NSAID to block both arms of the arachiodonic acid cascade–COX & LOX Veterinarians  rated 95% of dogs, and owners rated 94% of dogs, vastly improved with Zubrin in a 7-day controlled study. Well tolerated in long -term, 1-year safety studies–no evidence of renal toxicity or hepatotoxicity  ZUBRIN Rapidly-disintegrating Tablets enhance administration and compliance.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) drug of the oxicam class. Each milliliter of METACAM ORAL  SUSPENSION contains meloxicam equivalent to 1.5 milligrams and sodium benzoate (1.5 milligrams) as a preservative.

Continued therapy at home, Long-term safety and efficacy, Accurate dosing syringe, Easily deliver recommended dose,    Pleasing honey-flavored suspension, and Flexible administration options.

After administration of Metacam Injectable Solution in the clinic, Metacam Oral Suspension can be sent home with owner.
Used safely worldwide for more than 10 years. Some dogs have used Metacam daily for more than 8 years.

Graduated syringe with weight measurements easily and accurately dispenses the correct amount Suspension can be easily  adjusted to provide desired dosing based on weight of dog, and a Palatable taste dogs easily accept.

Joint support formula to help reduce inflammation and discomfort due to normal daily activity. A patented formulation with Phycox®, a natural source of phycocyanin with proven health benefits. Recommended to support joint mobility and healthy bone structure. Provides enhanced antioxidant protection and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a palatable, moist soft chew.

is a new generation treatment for pets suffering from DJD. SynoviG3 Soft Chews are a nutritional supplement offering chondroprotective agents, natural anti-inflammatories and powerful antioxidants in a moist, tasty, easy-to-chew treat for enhanced client compliance. SynoviG3 is formulated with  glucosamine and Perna Canaliculus for improved joint health, MSM to relieve inflammation and Creatine Monohydrate for enhanced energy. Also containing antioxidants like Vitamin E, Alphan Lipoic Acids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, SynoviG3 is a comprehensive supplement for superior joint health in  ??? sentence not finished

Dental Products

For Cats are soft, chewy treats to which dual enzymes have been added that helps stop plaque from forming. PLUS the natural abrasion of these treats help clean your cat’s teeth. Fish Flavor. Made from freeze-dried, farm-raised catfish, then specially flavored and treated with the CET dual-enzyme oral health care system.

For Dogs are beefhide treats to which an enzyme has been added that helps stop plaque from forming,  and the natural abrasion of rawhide chews help clean your dog’s teeth. CET Chews of this size strips make them more suitable for medium breeds. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Chews daily as first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn’t possible.

Contains ZincChlorhexidate, a unique formulation of chlorhexidine and zinc, along with cetylpyridinium chloride to help fight plaque, maintain oral health, and freshen breath fast. May be used with or without brushing. Available in a unique point-and-squeeze applicator bottle.

A Dual-Enzyme system formulated for dogs and cats provides natural antibacterial action. Palatable and formulated to be safe when swallowed by the pet.

Works in an effective new way. It significantly reduces plaque and tartar formation by creating an invisible barrier that prevents bacteria from attaching to your pets teeth. While other products may remove plaque and tartar, OraVet is the first plaque prevention system. It’s a completely safe and drug-free product that adheres to teeth even through brushing. This breakthrough approach to oral healthcare begins in the clinic with your veterinarian and continues at home with you.

Skin & Allergy Products

An anti-inflammatory, soothing, and antipruritic shampoo specifically formulated for external treatment of dermatological conditions responsive to corticosteroids in horses, cats, and dogs such as pruritic erythematous dermatoses.

Formulated with antiseptic foaming solution containing chlorhexidine and phytosphingosine salicyloyl (0.05%), lipacide c8g (2.5%) and chlorhexidine(3%). Chlorhexidine has strong antiseptic activity. Phytosphingosine salicyloyl is a modified pro-ceramide which possesses antiseborrheic properties to control cutaneous disorders associated with pyoderma. The lipo-amino-acid activity complements that of chlorhexidine. The Lipacide also acts as a moisturizing and restructuring agent by allowing a lipo-protein film to deposit on the skin. This long-lasting film resists rinsing, and thus protects the skin from irritations and loss of moisture.

DOUXO® Chlorhexidine PS is a foaming solution with 3% chlorhexidine and phytosphingosine. Chlorhexidine has strong antiseptic activity. Phytosphingosine helps control the seborrheic disorders associated with pyoderma. DOUXO Chlorhexidine PS washes away debris and exudates to improve the contact area between active ingredients and the lesion. Moisturizing and coating ingredients protect damaged skin, and the product is non-irritating to the sebaceous glands. Contains: Phytosphingosine salicyloyl 0.05% Gentle surface-active agents Lipacid® C8G Chlorhexidine 3% Light green tea fragrance Restructuring and film-forming agents Gentle cleansing Bactericidal Bacteriostatic Fungicidal Dosage: It is generally recommended to shampoo 2 or 3 times weekly, for the first 3 to 4 weeks. Then the dosage can be reduced to one shampoo per week, until disappearance of the lesions.

Is designed to treat allergy-induced skin problems in dogs and cats, both by alleviating the symptoms as well as by preventing or minimizing recurring flare-ups.

Tasty, healthy and a rewarding way to treat pets with food allergies or inflammatory skin conditions. Virtually eliminates the potential for adverse food reactions with clinically proven hydrolyzed protein technology. The average molecular weight of the hydrolyzed proteins is less than 3,000 Daltons. This allows them to escape detection by the immune system, which helps avoid adverse reactions. Ideal for pets on elimination feeding trials. These treats are low in calories (17 k/cal per treat) and highly palatable.

The perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that also contain antioxidants with garlic. Vitamin E is required to be in all fatty acid supplements; this product also contains vitamin C, zinc, and garlic.

Tasty, healthy and a rewarding way to treat pets with food allergies or inflammatory skin conditions. Virtually eliminates the potential for adverse food reactions with clinically proven hydrolyzed protein technology. This allows them to escape detection by the immune system, which helps avoid adverse reactions. Ideal for pets on elimination feeding trials. These treats are low in calories (17 k/cal per treat) and highly palatable.

Pheromone Treatments

The Natural Solution to Control Cat Urine Marking, Scratching and Stress. Feliway is a synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone which reproduces the familiarization properties normally produced by a cat when it deposits its own facial pheromones in the environment. Ideal for use with behavioral problems such as:

Urine marking
Vertical scratching
Loss of appetite
Aids in calming cats:
During travel
Useful in acclimating cats to new environments
During hospitalization
When moving to a new home
When introducing a new cat into a multi-cat household
One vial last approximately 4 weeks

(Dog Appeasing Pheromone) mimics the pheromone that a mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life. It is an effective, natural way to help dogs cope with new and fearful situations. Effects of one collar last up to 4 weeks.